Glen Abbey Clubhouse Rental Fees and Terms

Effective August 1, 2013, the following rates are in effect for rental of the Glen Abbey community Clubhouse: 
  • Upstairs only: $300.00 
  • Upstairs and downstairs: $350.00 (Default Option)
  • Downstairs only: $100.00 
  • Overnight/additional fee: $125.00 


  • If do not need to rent the entire clubhouse, mention the portion needed in the Comments section along with other details as needed.
  • Renters must clean the space rented. All trash must be taken out to the dumpster. 
  • If the area is not cleaned, additional cleaning charges will apply.
  • Reservation are ONLY confirmed after the payment is received. Reservations that are pending can be taken by another member if the payment is received earlier.
  • A damage deposit of $300 will be collected for all reservations by CHECK only and needs to be handed to the manager at the time or before picking the keys for the rental. This check will be deposited only if there is a damage or facilities have not been cleaned properly.
  • The rental amount can be paid online by going to My Resident Area in dropdown under Welcome link above. Choose Pay your Account Link.
  • Keys will not be issued to renters until the day of the rental unless it is a weekend. 
  • All items must be removed from the clubhouse each day even if the rental is for an 
    extended period of time unless an overnight fee is paid.
  • Maximum Occupancy for upstairs is 75 and downstairs is 40.

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Reservation Instructions:
  • To create a new reservation request, please click on the New Reservation button.
  • When the form is open, please complete the details.
  • To Change or Cancel a reservation, please select the reservation from either the "My Reservations List" or by clicking on the appointment subject line in the calendar
  • You cannot make or edit a reservation in the past. You can only edit your own reservations.