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Jeff Weaver
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Lesson/Team Clinic Payments
A common question is who to make lesson payments payable to.  Moving forward, please make all checks/money orders for private, group or ALTA/USTA team clinics taken from any of our pros (Zach, Megan, or Jared) payable to ATMC.  Cash payments, checks or electronic payments given to any of the pros are to be processed through ATMC.

Venmo Payment Option
To pay for your lesson or clinic by Venmo, the user name is glenabbeytennis, which is to be used by all the pros.  Thank you!
Reserving Courts:
  • Only Glen Abbey Residents or Glen Abbey Tennis Pro's may reserve the courts.
  • A family can reserve one court per day for a maximum of two (2) hours
  • A family can make a maximum of four (4) reservations per week.
  • Reservations can be made seven (7) days in advance
  • A resident cannot reserve a court unless they are playing on the court
  • Court availability can be viewed here.
  • Tennis players should book courts 1-9 if possible before booking courts 10&11 so our pickleball players can also use the courts.
  • Guests may use the facilities if a resident is present
On the Courts:
  • All Residents must have their amenity card with them when using the tennis courts
  • Be courteous of others while play is in progress.  Do not walk across the courts until the point is finished to retrieve your ball or got to your court
  • Proper tennis attire is require while on the courts and shirts must be worn
  • Squeegees and brooms should be hung if possible.  Do not lay them on the ground
  • Turn off the lights when you are finished playing
  • Pets are not permitted on the courts
  • No glassware or food is permitted on the courts
  • No rollerblading, skateboarding, or bicycling is allowed on the courts or sidewalks
  • Courts 10 & 11 are lined for pickleball play.
  • Pickleball nets are stored in the storage closet near the Linear Courts bathroom.  To get the access code, please contact our property manager.
  • Please put the pickleball equipment back on the shelves when you are finished.
Outside Tennis Pros
  • Outside Tennis Pros are not allowed to teach on the Glen Abbey courts.  Please contact one of our Pros if you need lessons or clinics.
  • Non-residents are required to pay their fee before participating on a team or in a clinic
    • $25 per season for unlimited teams (a season is considered Spring ALTA, Summer USTA, Fall ALTA, or Winter USTA).  This fee also allows the player to participate in one team adult session of clinics or one session of kid's clinics without paying an additional non-resident fee for clinics.  The fee also gives access to open per diem clinics.  If a player joins teams all year, it would be a max of $100 per year
    • For kid clinics where the kid does not join a team and has not paid a team fee (usually younger kids), an additional $15 non-resident fee will be added for each session (there are five sessions a year as summer camps are considered one session).  If a kid does all five sessions it would be a max of $75 per year.  Sibling discounts will not be given.
    • Regular private lessons or per diems (with an average of two or more a month) where the player is not currently paying a team or clinic fee will be charged $25 per quarter.
  • Non-resident fees do not allow open access to Glen Abbey facilities.  They can only use facilities during team practice, clinics, private lessons or per diems or with a Glen Abbey Resident present.

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